Canadian Geographic

Game of thrones: As the climate in Canada’s Far North changes, polar bears are being affected. One impact – the increasing presence of killer whales in Arctic waters – may just unseat the King of the North.

Satellite views: How satellites help Arctic researchers see the effects of climate change in the Canadian Arctic Islands

Maclean’s magazine

Small world: The hot field of the microbiome. Ever since the discovery that bacteria can be good for us, there’s been a race to get into the lab

Bright Idea: Touchscreen chamber for mice, complete with milkshake: A chamber that completely changes the way cognitive tests are performed on animals

Canadian Wildlife magazine

Caribou on the brink: Once unimaginably abundant, this “umbrella species” is at tremendous risk. What we do now and for the next few years will either save or doom this extraordinary creature

Hakai magazine

Marsh on the move: Maryland’s coastal marsh is migrating inland—and land managers are trying to clear the way

Chemical & Engineering News

Canada recommits to basic science

Meet Mario Pinto, The Chemist Who Runs Canada’s Science Agency

The Globe and Mail

Intestinal parasites may help the immune system, researchers say

The Sound and the fury: Why mapping the seabed of Lancaster Sound has the Arctic in an uproar

New Scientist

Global browning: Why the world’s fresh water is getting murkier

Orca invasion: Killer whales in a warmer world

Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Reader’s Digest

Predator vs Predator: Disappearing sea ice in the Canadian north is shrinking polar bear numbers and swelling killer whale ranks. In the era of climate change, can the Arctic sustain both?

Nature News

Pesticides spark broad biodiversity loss: Agricultural chemicals affect invertebrates in streams and soil, even at ‘safe’ levels.

The Daily Climate

Looking for love as the climate heats up

The Toronto Star

Buying and selling a home online: Use of sites such as Craigslist and Kijiji is increasing

Cash for a green commute: Howard Chang pays his employees to ride their bikes to work

Defenders magazine

The Heat is On: is climate change forcing the Arctic food chain to unravel? 

Banishing Plague from the Prairie

ON Nature

The lowly worm

Raising the dead: Atlantic salmon Returns

Canadian Family

Baby’s first medicine cabinet: What you should have on hand for your baby’s most common illnesses.

Helping your teen adjust to a regular sleep schedule

Today’s Parent

Not Just a Bad Headache: Migraines